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Huco была основана в 1965 году, и был первым производителем, который успешно адаптироваться свойства конструкционных пластмасс в сочетании с металлами, чтобы создать и рынок целый ряд инновационных муфт.

С тех пор продукция и производственные процессы стали постоянно развиватся. Теперь Huco признается в качестве мирового лидера в этой специализированной области, с завидной записи инженерное успеха и репутацию за качество продукции и сервиса.

В августе 2005 года очень успешная компания Dynatork пневматического двигателя был объединен с HUCO, чтобы сформировать HUCO-Dynatork.Уникальное сочетание сильных брендов с проверенной производительности в своих нишах. Менее чем через год Huco Dynatork присоединился к глобальной группы электропередачи Altra Промышленное движения.

Теперь, как и точные муфты и поршневой воздушные моторы, широкая гамма продукции HUCO охватывает:

  · Motion Control: Тормоза и муфты, высокоточные leadscrews и компоненты линейного движения

  · Мощность передатчика: постоянного и переменного тока мотор-редукторы, редукторы, фондовые шестерни, муфты дизельных двигателей, универсальные шарниры, UNIBAL стержень концы и компоненты сцепления.

Sliding Disc (Oldham)
General purpose, robust, easy to use 3-part couplings with replaceable wear elements. Generous radial compensation and pull-apart / re-engage facility for blind assemblies.

Universal Lateral
Unique, general purpose light duty couplings with generous angular and radial misalignment compensation. Resist axial motion, can anchor unrestricted shafts and perform light push/pull duties.

Multi Beam
General purpose single piece couplings supplied in single stage (3-beam) or two stage (6-beam) versions. Use with caution if low bearing loads are desirable.

Single Beam
Similar to multi-beam but has a single beam only. They therefore have less torsional stiffness but greater radial and angular flexibility than corresponding multi-beam items

Step Beam
Beam coupling with stepped radial slots combining the high torsional stiffness of a straight beam coupling with the lateral flexibility of its helical counterpart

Membrane (disc)
Precision couplings with excellent kinematic properties. Dynamically balanced construction. Single stage versions make up into 'whirl' free cardans. The two stage versions offer short envelopes and low bearing loads respectively.

Stainless Steel Bellows
Precision couplings with excellent kinematic properties. The 3 types offer differing combinations of stiffness, radial compensation and axial motion.

Electrodeposited Nickel Bellows
Manufacture by electrodeposition allows this coupling to provide exceptional integrity of angular position between input and output shafts.

This is a highly flexible type of coupling with exceptional flexibility in all three modes but a resultant lower torsional stiffness.

Miniature Flexible Jaw
High torque transmission with little or no backlash even where there is significant angular and/ or parallel shaft misalignment

Non-Contact Magnetic
Magnetic disc coupling which connects shafts without any direct mechanical contact. Good for systems processing highly volatile liquids or for transferring motion within vacuum chambers without the need for expensive and vulnerable shaft seals

Plastic Universal Joints
Large offset capacity couplings suitable for light duty.

Miniature Friction Clutch
Small, user-adjustable torque limiters for concentric or in-line mounting

Plastic Bevel Gearboxes
Miniaturised right-angle drives with different shaft configurations and components to meet various application and cost demands

Bore Adaptors
Huco-Lok bore adaptors are a convenient way of adapting a coupling to a variety of shaft diameters, typically at the R & D stage. Brass and aluminium alloy types offered

Jaw Power Couplings

Nylon Sleeve Gear Couplings
Compact, efficient units for transmitting high levels of torque relative to their size and weight. Silent, electrically isolating and maintenance free. Parts available separately for replacement.

Rigid Couplings
Provide reliable holding power and maintain alignment where misalignment compensation is not required

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